FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions
How much will my assembly cost?

Due to the ever-growing list of manufacturers and models it is difficult to give you an accurate price without first giving us a specific manufacturers name, model and/or SKU number. So we please ask you contact us for a free quote. We also have a price gauge to give you a general idea of what different items may cost. There is a minimum charge per visit. We pride ourselves on providing the lowest prices and highest quality of service in the industry.

What type of merchandise does First Choice assemble?

We put together any type of home/office furniture available on the market as well as various other items that require assembly.

How long will my assembly take?

Assembly time will vary due to the complexity and size of the item. Generally our technicians can assemble most single pieces in 1-3 hours.

What times can I schedule an appointment for?

Our normal assembly hours are from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Saturday. First Choice will usually be able to have an assembler at your location 24-72 hours from when you contact us for an assembly. You can request any specific time and we will do our absolute best to accommodate your needs. Evening and Sunday appointments are available by special request.

Does First Choice offer ongoing assembly service to retailers?

Yes! Please see our Retailer's Page

Will the assembler remove the empty boxes and packing material?

Unfortunately, the technician cannot take the garbage with them. We will cut all cartons into manageable sizes and put assorted trash into any garbage bags you provide.

Will the First Choice assembler move the furniture?

If you are having the items delivered we ask that you please have the items delivered directly to the room in which it will be assembled. It is the customers responsible for having the item placed in the room where it is to be assembled before the representative arrives. If the item is on a different level upon arrival, a small service charge maybe assessed for us to move it for you. The technician will position the item within the room to your satisfaction once assembly is complete.

What kind of warranty do I get?

First Choice offers a 30-day warranty on workmanship from the day of assembly. This is completely separate from the warranty from the manufacturer provides on the item itself. Warranty does not cover damage due to misuse such as putting too much weight on the item or improperly moving the item.

What if there are missing or damaged pieces?

The First Choice technician will assist you in ordering any pieces directly from the manufacturer. The pieces will be sent directly to you at no additional charge. When the piece(s) arrive, call us to schedule a revisit appointment. There is no additional charge for a revisit under these circumstances.

Does First Choice disassemble or make repairs to existing furniture?

Yes. Charges will vary depending on what needs to be done and how long it takes. If a revisit is required after the 30-day warranty period to wait for ordered parts during a repair appointment, there may be additional charges incurred. Disassembling of furniture is not covered under the 30-day warranty.

How do I pay for my assembly?

The First Choice technician will accept your payment immediately after the service is completed. You can pay cash, personal check, business check, money order and cashier checks. Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards at this time. Please keep in mind we must assess you the normal sales tax as required by law (current 8.625% in Nassau and Suffolk County). This amount must be included in your payment.

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